Our School - Beliefs About Learners and Learning

 At St Paul’s we believe that learning occurs through interactions with others and the world around.

We understand that learners differ in age, gender, background, cognitive capacities, physical abilities, aptitudes, aspirations, dispositions, experiences and learning styles.

We aim to provide all learners with opportunities to develop knowledges, skills and dispositions that will motivate and empower them to be active, life-long learners and participants in their families, communities and wider contexts.

Planning for teaching and learning is founded on the core beliefs that:

·     all learners can succeed;

·     all learners learn at different rates, at different times and in different  contexts;

·     successful learning promotes more successful learning;

·     teaching and learning must be based on sound research evidence that has been verified through classroom practice;

·     what counts as knowledge is ever-changing and depends on social context and cultural background;

·     there is a direct correlation between acquisition of valued knowledge and participation in society;

·     deep learning requires active engagement in the construction of meaning;

·     teachers are the key to student success at school learning;

·     facilitating and sustaining improvement in student learning must be a whole school and community focus;

·     all teachers and learners must be supported by each other and by curriculum leaders, parents and the wider community;

·     school processes and organisation must prioritise opportunities for teacher engagement in professional conversations in a diverse range of learning communities.