Our School - RELIGION


The curriculum is designed so that students have opportunities to develop:  


  •  a personal relationship with Jesus Christ     
  • understanding and appreciation of the religious beliefs, values and practices of Christianity and the ways that Catholics live these out
  • respect and appreciation for the religious beliefs, attitudes and values of others
  • age-appropriate skills to research, discuss, reflect on and critique religion in an informed, intelligent and sensitive manner.

       Cited from Religion Curriculum - Diocese of Rockhampton


 The following beliefs about learners underpin the Religion Curriculum.


  • develop and learn in different ways, at different rates in a variety of contexts.
  • reflect upon their own thinking and learning
  • learn independently and in community
  • construct knowledge and understanding through active participation.

 The three phases of learning are characterised by differences in:

  •  physical and social identities of learners
  •  reasoning and making connections
  •  degree of subjectivity or objectivity used in thinking
  • amount of reflection and self-regulation.