Our School - SCIENCE


 Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour.

                                 It is a discipline through which understandings of the living, material and physical world are developed and expanded. It is also a learning area through which students have the opportunity to develop important, transferable skills to prepare them to be informed, enterprising and creative adults.                    


The principles that guide scientific endeavour provide a powerful experience of values that underpin responsible citizenship. These principles include: respect for living things and the environment; respect for evidence and the opinions of others; honesty in collecting and presenting data; and openness to new ideas.                                                                                                                                                           

Two of the main purposes of science education are to:

  • to provide opportunities for learners to develop as scientifically literate citizens, able to hold and defend informed views on social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental issues; and
  • to provide a foundation for further science learning by developing secure foundational  understandings of the 'big ideas' and concepts of science.