Our School - School Motto


The school motto of ‘Living, Loving and Learning’ encapsulates the key aspects of the Christian message of loving God and loving others as oneself. Like St Paul, the members of the St Paul’s School community are called to live life in all its fullness, to love God, to love others and to be disciples of Christ. That is, to be people who are constantly seeking the truth.



With St Paul as our patron saint, members of the 
St Paul
’s school community are called to follow his example and to live out our school motto of “Living, Loving, Learning”. 
  • St Paul was very accepting of all people, no matter their background.                    Today we are called to welcoming to all
  •  St Paul had a heart for his faith, not just knowledge of it.                                       Today we are called to focus on who we are rather than simply what we know. 

  • St Paul reached out to all in his efforts to spread the Good News, hence his extensive travels.                                                                       
    Today we are called to reach out to the broader community not simply to our family and friends.
  •  St Paul focused on the importance of people coming to know Christ in their lives and living, rather than on simply obeying laws – if we know and love Christ, good living will naturally follow.                                           
             Today we are called to focus on our call to follow Christ, not simply our call to obey the rules.
  •   St Paul understood the importance of personal relationships, making sure he spent quality time with each individual. 
 Today we are called to build positive relationships within our                  community.
  •  St Paul understood that it is often through our weakness that we grow and mature.  He was open to reliance on Christ and on others in Christ, rather than simply on self.

 Today we are called to an awareness of our need for Christ in our            lives.
  •  St Paul supported people in their ministry – if he gave someone responsibility, he made sure that they had the necessary formation and support to honour that responsibility.
 Today we are called to support each other as we share our gifts for        the benefit of the community.