For Parents - 2019



These are set by the Diocesan Catholic Educaton Office. Payment of these fees is compulsory, however, under particular circumstances a concession may be granted. Parents who find payment difficult and are seeking a concession are advised that this must be discussed with the principal.

Why School Fees are necessary?

 Federal and State governments acknowledge the right of parents to choose the school which best suits their children’s needs for educational, religious, cultural or other reasons.

 However, in comparison with funds spent on students in government schools, government funds committed to non-government schools remain limited. Your contribution through school fees is essential to the continued operation of your Catholic school.


Students in Diocesan Schools




Four or more

Discount Percentage





PRIMARY - per week





PRIMARY - per term





PRIMARY - per year





Funding Building Costs and School/College Infrastructure

Families will appreciate that there is a substantial cost to the Diocese in maintaining and developing the existing school buildings. It is necessary to raise capital income to service related debt or to otherwise support capital works. A differential approach is in place to account for capital income as shown below.

Diocesan Primary Schools –Building Levy

Catholic Education, Diocese of Rockhampton has established a Diocesan School Building Levy, which will be used to fund construction and maintenance cost for all primary schools in the Diocese.  Each family will be billed $87.50 per term.                

School-Based Levies:

Fees for activities such as sport, Art Council and excursions are also included on each term fee accounts. Parents are advised of these additional fees prior to the commencement of each term.

Parents’ & Friends’ Levies:

In lieu of extensive fundraising each family pays a levy of $35 per term.

Resource Levy:

A resource levy is charged each term. This levy covers the cost of purchasing consumable items, books and equipment for classroom use.

Levies for families Prep to Year 6 are:       1 child - $65 per term             2 children - $100 per term                 3 or more children - $110 per term

Hire fee for ipads/chromebooks $25 per child per term.

Technology Levy:

 The Diocesan Catholic Education office has introduced a technology levy of $100 per student up to a maximum of $200 per family. Where a family has two or more children across Catholic Diocesan Primary and Secondary Schools, the priority for payment of the levy will be given to the Diocesan Primary School. 

School Fee Assistance:

 Our Catholic Education policy on school fees states that, no student should be excluded from a Catholic school because of the inability of their parents/carers/guardians to pay the prescribed fees.

 Families with more than one child in the same or other primary or secondary Catholic schools in the Diocese of Rockhampton, receive fee discounts as described in the 2018 Tuition Fee Schedule above.

 From Term One 2017 a Concession Card Discount was introduced to further support families in our schools. Parents/carers with an eligible means-tested Australian government health care or pensioner concession card will automatically receive a 70% discount on tuition fees. See Fee Discounts and Concession Card Discount FAQs for further information.

 Furthermore, new or existing parents, who are experiencing financial hardship, and may or may not hold a concession card, are encouraged to discuss alternate fee discounts directly with their school principal, who will treat the situation confidentially.

Details are available from the school or by contacting your Principal.