For Parents - Fees and Payment

Fee Discounts – 2017 INITIATIVE

In 2017 Catholic Education introduced a new school fee discount to further support families in our schools.

Our policy on school fees states that, no student should be excluded from a Catholic school because of the inability of their parents/carers/guardians to pay the prescribed fees.

From Term One 2017, parents/carers with an eligible means-tested Australian government health care or pensioner concession card will automatically receive a 70% discount on tuition fees (does not apply to school levies). This initiative is intended to assist those families who genuinely lack the financial capacity to pay tuition fees in full.

For Catholic schools to operate effectively and provide high quality education, a reasonable fee structure is essential to meet the shortfall between the basic costs of running a school and the amount funded by governments.

School fees include tuition fees and levies. Levies vary from school to school and may include items such as a Building Levy, Parents’ & Friends’ Association Levy, Information Technology Levy, and other subject and general levies.

The new Concession Card Discount applies to tuition fees only.

Catholic Education strives to keep all fees as low as possible.

The new Concession Card Discount initiative will be offered in addition to the Family Discount arrangement that presently exists in schools.

Furthermore, new or existing parents, who are experiencing financial hardship, and may or may not hold a concession card, are encouraged to discuss alternate fee discounts directly with the school principal, who will treat the situation confidentially.

Further details on the new Concession Card Discount eligibility criteria and general fee information for 2018 are available on the Catholic Education website