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UNIFORM: (Monday to Friday)


       Girls                                       Boys

St Paul's Sports  uniform shirt                   St Paul's Sports uniform shirt
Navy skort                                          Navy shorts (not cargo pants)
Navy socks (must cover ankles)            Navy socks (must cover ankles)
Black leather lace up shoes                   Black leather lace up shoes

Navy school hat                                   Navy school hat

Jumper (plain navy style)                   Jumper (plain navy style)





  • All clothing should be clearly labelled with the name of the student.
  • School and sport shoes are to be leather or sandshoe style and not to have colours, stripes, symbols or other markings.  Canvas /volleys are not suitable.
  • Students wearing incorrect aspects of the uniform are required to send a note to the class teacher or contact the office. 

  • Children with hair below the shoulder length are required to have their hair tied back from their faces. 
  •  Ribbons and bands are to be white, navy or red. 
  •  There should not be any extremes in style, cut or colour. This includes tracks, "tails", bleached, coloured or dyed hair.


Children are permitted to wear:

  • A signet ring 
  • A watch
  • A plain chain with religious emblem
  • If necessary, a bracelet or chain (tag) containing medical information.
  • One pair of plain studs or sleepers worn in the ear lobe. Larger style earrings are not allowed as a safety percaution. 
Wearitto, at 87 Denham Street, is the only suppliers of our school uniform and school hat.
Navy socks, jumpers and boy's shorts can be purchased from both Wearitto and other major department stores.