For Parents - School Board


Queensland School Boards are based on the Pastoral (Service) Model formed from the notion of Shared Wisdom. This Shared Wisdom model follows the call of Vatican II, a Council of the Pope and Bishops of the world, which took place in the 1960's. It broadened our understanding by helping us to recognize that we are all needed to build and to be church. We are all equal in the eyes of God and are required to use our varied gifts and talents in the service of others. 

St Paul's School Board has as its responsibilities (directionary and advisory) policy formation, constitution and by-laws, provision and maintenance of school buildings, budgeting, curriculum and staffing needs.  


  In October each year the board conducts a Pre-Service evening for interested persons. Board meetings are held once a month commencing at 5.30pm. 



Tricia Adair (Principal)
Ann Harkin (Staff Representative)

Jessica Price   (Chair)

Jocelyne Benoit (Regional Board Liaison Officer)

Fr Bryan Hanifin (Parish Priest)

Merv Pacey (Parish Representative)

Colleen Uys (Parent)

Tony Buckton (Parent)
Joanne Volling (Parent)